Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clever and FTP permissions under control related forums

Many enterprises have achieved through their own online forum set up to communicate with customers, employees the purpose of internal communications, in addition to FTP services through the preservation and sharing of resources functions. However, in actual operation of such a demand has emerged that there is a correlation can hope to achieve the Forum account and FTP account linkage. That customers or employees registered at the forum after the corresponding new account real-time FTP server also opened this account and an additional forum where registered members of different management groups corresponding to different groups of users upload and download FTP account permissions are different. Please IT168 today's readers and authors together to start learning how to ODBC is closely related to the Forum and the FTP account.

Using the Forum database verify the legitimacy of FTP accounts

1, the Forum associated with the use of FTP accounts:

Forum and FTP account management is the practical effect of this, companies usually have an online forum available to customers and employees to communicate, to discuss practical issues; the same time within the enterprise has a FTP server with a lot of work above the storage resources, in part, confidential, some are public. Now we are through the Forum and the associated FTP account can be achieved after the following features.

(1) employees or customers in the online forums immediately after registration of an account of the account can log in the FTP server.

(2) employees or customers log on FTP server using the account number and password and enter the Forum registration is the same.

(3) in the forum, there are many user groups, corresponding to different user groups different permissions, we can divide different groups assign different privileges to different user permissions for FTP transfer. This means that if the Forum is an account management team members, so he can get when your account login FTP higher authority, while the Forum account is a regular group members, with their own FTP account to log on after the authority is relatively low.

(4) not only by different user groups to assign permissions FTP login, we can forums such as the prestige points, money and other arbitrary parameters as a measure of the standard FTP permissions to implement account management rules.

Second, install the ODBC to mysql flexible up:

FTP is closely related to the forum and want to achieve is linked to the first forum to address the database can be used by the FTP, the author Discuz! Forum Gene6 FTP site set up between the introduction of this feature as an example. As Discuz! Using a Mysql database, Gene6 data can be referenced by means of external access to account information, which provided for us to meet the preconditions for linkage. However, to want Gene6 smooth access to external mysql database information, we need to install the ODBC Mysql database program, so that external reference possible.

The first step: We first visited the this address, the latest version of ODBC to 5.1.3, we download the mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.3-win32 . msi the procedures.

Step Two: If we are to successfully download the mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.3-win32.msi must be registered, according to web page choose to register your account.

Third step: Register to download account, specific information and registration email similar point after completing the "Finish" button.

Step Four: Under the Download link prompts a number of countries we can choose between multiple addresses, in order to ensure the speed I recommend using Asian server to download, but unfortunately there is no internal download. I chose Korean link. Of course we can get two ways mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.3-win32.msi, one is HTTP, FTP download one.

Step five: After we downloaded directly run mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.3-win32.msi can be installed, his size is 4.12MB.

Step Six: Select the installation, the default available to us "typical", "full", "custom" of the three categories, in fact, we choose the default "Typical" installation can, point NEXT button to continue.

Step Seven: Copy files to local hard disk to be.

So far we have completed the mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.3-win32.msi installation, we MYSQL on the server to allow external programs through ODBC connection and access and query data.

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