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. NET architecture topics for

We can not use the C # language independent, but must. Net framework considered together. C # compiler specifically for. Net C #, which means using all of the code always. Net Framework to run. For the C # language, two important conclusions can be drawn:

1.C # reflect the structure and methodology. Net based methodology

2. In many cases, C # depends on the specific language features. Net function, or rely on. Net base class

Microsoft Intermediate Language (Microsoft INtermediate Langiage) called MSIL or IL

Common Type System (Common Type System) referred to as CTS

Common Language Specification (Common Language Specification) CLS

C # and. NET relations

C # is designed with Microsoft's. Net framework designed for use together.

C # is a modern object-oriented design methods based on the language.

C # for its part, is a language, although it is used to generate the face. Net code environment, but it is not itself. Net part.

. NET supports a number of features, C # does not support. The C # support some features, but. Net does not support (such as operator overloading)

Common language runtime

. Net Framework is the core of the implementation of its runtime environment, known as the common language runtime (CLR) or. Net runtime.

Usually under the control of the CLR is called managed code to run the code (managed code)

In. Net compiled into two parts:

1. The source code compiled to Microsoft intermediate language (IL)

2.CLR compile the IL code for the platform-specific

The advantages of managed code:

They are a low-level language, grammar is very simple (using numeric codes instead of text code), can be very quickly converted to the internal machine code.

1. Platform independence (compiled to intermediate language can get. NET platform independence)

2. To improve performance ()

3. The language of interoperability (to be in any language compiled to intermediate code)

Intermediate language

Intermediate language features:

1. And the use of object-oriented interface to

2. Value types and reference types, significant differences between

3. Strong data type

4. Use the exception to handle errors

5. Use features

Strong data type

Intermediate language is an important aspect of it is based on data type.

We. Net provided depends on the type of security access to the benefits of the service station for more, these services include

1. Language interoperability

2. Garbage collection

3. Safety

4. Application domain

IL (Intermediate Language) is case-sensitive

Garbage collection: handling all the variables present in the code to check on the managed heap is stored in the reference to the object, to determine which objects can be accessed from the code that is ---- which objects have references, no references no longer an object from the code visit, they have been deleted.

Garbage collector is an important aspect that he is uncertain. In other words, can not guarantee when the garbage collector is called:. Net runtime decisions need it, you can call it (unless explicitly call garbage collector). Russia and Georgia but you can override their own process, call the garbage collector code.

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Haobo POS Invoicing Special 1388 yuan / user

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Our company has successfully developed in medicine, clothing, POS, car repair, ERP, industry, ERP, PMC (object control), PDM (product data management), MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and other products, product lines include corporate management, all aspects of commodity circulation. Products widely used in department stores, supermarkets, clothing, shoes, hats, auto parts, hardware, cosmetics, building materials, stationery, pharmacies, hospitals and other industries.

We dedicated the majority of enterprises to provide specialized information system solutions and one-stop service. Details are Contact: Tony students 0756-6216092,13539592799 QQ: 296942000

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Selected fifth one, Peking University Guanghua New Year's Forum

Zhai Jun, director of Deutsche Bank Greater China on Private Enterprises

The first private corporate transparency is not high. Second, is the pot of gold have any questions, leave policies touch ball. Can be said that you can legally say no legitimate, no clear boundaries. But now it is legalized, he can provide their own information, can be used on-line development goals to reduce short-term behavior. Back to look at what state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises is long to return. Where is the incentive mechanism? His boss happy to make state-owned enterprises. He was more to do from the political decision-making, rather than making decisions on economic interests. Why incentives are not well implemented, is experiencing a number of policy barriers. If the object of management's commitment to investors 12% return or how much, in accordance with the incentive mechanism can be getting rewards, he did not dare to take, if there are a number of laid-off workers will get trouble. These laid-off workers can not, say you want to control me. Is a listed company to investors in terms of management, staff is concerned is the government. Therefore, the leadership of state-owned enterprises is very difficult to dry. In addition, he did well, investors can hope that you continue to do so, but transferred, and no long-term delegate full authority, but the results had to run a successful business. However, once successfully and after the big scale, the situation changed.
And after large-scale, parents, or as in the past, although you are capable, but the conditions changed, the objective form is different, you tube small business line, you tube big business right? You simply line the market, the complexity of your market it? Parents made the decision to invest in the results failed, so family members do not trust the. This family arises in the generation gap. Generation gap is the experience of parents may be wealth, it can be a burden. It led to investment mistakes, so the family does not trust the parents, so the company split, collapse. There are a large family business that is employing the pro-fault, not the employer is Yin. This is my brother, this is my sister-in-law, this is my old men, I trust. But trust is a variable, which you did trust him in that environment, you can delegate some of his things, but the company changed, he is also changing, especially those who have special status in the enterprise to occupy an important jobs, rules and regulations will not work, is dominated by a special character, thus losing the trust of the masses of workers, loss of public trust in you. As confidence in some people, it has lost more confidence. So private enterprise to do a good job, is also a question of trust. Property rights of private enterprises must be open, which is trust.

Professor Wu Changqi on state enterprise reform and competitiveness

Ladies and gentlemen, teachers, students, and we are very pleased to share with me on a number of state-owned enterprise reform achievements, and their state-owned enterprise reform and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises view. Because last year some may know, last year's New Year's forum has a problem, when China had just entered the WTO, whether it is owned either enterprises or private enterprises, we all worry about survival, after a year the relative increase everyone's confidence, but on the state-owned enterprises reform of state-owned enterprises to improve competitiveness issues, theory and practice is always not a good solution.
Chinese state-owned enterprise reform issue is not just China's problem, it is a world problem, and why? In the 1986 days when the most authoritative journal of economics, wrote the article, the Chinese state-owned enterprise reform is effective, the Chinese state-owned enterprise reform through gradual reform of property rights through the administrative system reform, decentralization of state-owned enterprises through greatly increased efficiency. This is the 1986 findings of the study.
Later this idea was not accepted in the international academic community. The results we now see that theory has not become a reality, we see that all of Russia, although the privatization of enterprises, but he has not resolved itself, the competitiveness of enterprises. Now the Russian economy by selling basic resources. My colleagues and I have a very detailed data from 1980 to 1999, 700 companies found that organic factors actually affect the performance of state-owned enterprises, such talk has a very interesting phenomenon, in the market environment, the general competitive enterprises will performance or the performance drop, but the state-owned enterprises, but competition makes the performance of state-owned enterprises and performance has improved, why? In fact state-owned enterprises have their own considerable resources, resources are not being used effectively.
In the face of competitive conditions, these resources use efficiency, so actually increase profits increased. That is a very important reason for the reform of property rights, property rights reform in China this morning, talked about ways in fact a very innovative, more Russia and other countries. However, our results showed that the reform of state-owned property, will increase business efficiency and management reform, will improve business efficiency, but the reform of property rights in an enterprise and management reform, if combined, then this is more effective.
Why? For this reason is very simple, after the resolution of this issue, does not mean that the competitiveness of enterprises solve the problem, and if so, then why the United States, Europe, Japan market economy is relatively developed countries, every day, bankruptcy, problem-solving in the property After the second step the problem is, like how to enhance the competitiveness of the past, the state-owned enterprises are not really competitive, the issue difficult to see, value system, the competitive environment, the burden of state-owned enterprises, and now with China's accession to the WTO, as the market environment gradually. Now discuss these issues, in fact, the real state-owned enterprises do face a relatively fair competition platform for China's economic structure has changed, transnational corporations and private enterprises the power of three large state-owned enterprises in various industries to compete.
I want to analyze the competitiveness of state-owned enterprises, how to enhance competitiveness, I simply comes down to what the state-owned enterprises are mainly the existence of competition in the market there are two main areas: a private enterprise, a multinational, relatively speaking, multinational corporations, state-owned enterprises several advantages: a very important advantage is that it's government resources, I am here to talk about government resources, not the government of special protection, he and the state-owned enterprises have a deeper understanding of government policy, there are various links, I do not mean protection of the State.
Because many multinational companies to enter China after a lot of resources to develop relationship with the Government. He weakened multinational companies and Chinese state-owned enterprises in China mainland enterprises, especially compared to the visually impaired, they spend a lot of money of China, Samsung's president open to talk Sixteenth Congress, China's national conditions of understanding, he compared China's state-owned enterprises that we have in government resources gap, they reduce this gap, this is an advantage.
Another topic we talk about just now, the state-owned enterprises in a way my view, the consumers in other areas, there is a certain degree of trust, most consumers do not want to see the store the next day, gone the next day, here are the national Post Office, and he does not want a month gone, there is a trust issue, which is actually an advantage.
If enterprise tech professionals, such as technical ability to speak, for historical reasons, due to performance reasons, particularly strong in manufacturing state-owned enterprises, management structure, private enterprises began as entrepreneurial, he did not have a modern enterprise management framework. Comparison of the United States a well-known professor of corporate structure, these sectors are very close, and national enterprises by family blood relationship, state-owned enterprises began to structure a portfolio according to the modern enterprise, a division of labor, fit.
The third human resources, we can see the state-owned enterprises in technology, capital, state-owned enterprises more complicated, in fact, a group of business leaders, we the 2002 China top ten economic personalities of some very good leaders. Aspects can become a competitive advantage, this is a problem worthy of study.
The competitive play should have two problems, a state-owned enterprises have a long-term development strategy, corporate positioning and business strategy must be clear, the last state-owned enterprises by the government, now an independent business to survive, to see the future, to five years later that business would be like, in which market, which a good market, a business to be successful, his strategy is the most important, and does not finance, because the marketing department of any their long-term development is the competitiveness of expression.
Peking University Guanghua School of Management Business School, which is the nation's first awareness of the problem, and success of a strategic management system, we help private enterprises to help multinational companies develop their core competitiveness, discuss strategic issues facing enterprises, private enterprises to grow to a certain degree, he also has strategic issues, development issues.
The second problem in addition to strategies for the future, the strategy formulation, strategy implementation need someone, who, who are business leaders, because these decision-making, implementation of these strategies is the VIP to do, this one is business leaders, leading state-owned enterprises have their own businesses. The role of business leaders, or very, very important. There is no fixed answer to this question, the leaders in the global market leader in the growing environment, how can we remain invincible, the formation of long-term capacity of the core competitiveness. The best person to answer this question not me, is the guest of us here today.
State-owned enterprises need vision, ability and enthusiasm of the people to lead this business, it is I'm going to share with you, thank you!

Rainbow Group General Manager Anthony Meh on business

I am in favor of the teacher's point of view force, I think to improve our business competitiveness, the Government is not only a resource, or a subject, Why? I talk about our business, the Rainbow is the first place, Mr. CPT, CPT is still China's largest enterprises, the profitability of these two years is also among the best in the industry, but the competition we face is very serious, because Our competitors are world powers, the world's CPT powers in China, almost all of their joint ventures, wholly-owned enterprises.
Rainbow face of such fierce competition, of course, we must study the new products, to improve our competitiveness, put energy into research, we propose to do quality, low cost of doing so in the world, the quality of peer inside the most Well, the lowest cost, which is competitive.
And we think that this is the core competitive edge, this is not something people can learn a look, I believe that if peer inside the world the best you can do quality, lowest cost, not what can be learned. Rainbow through the implementation of quality strategy, the cost of the priority strategy, we initially achieve this, but in new product development, we feel powerless, we are not the first and the others in the same starting line, CPT invention and become a commodity has five or six years of history, the rainbow is only twenty years of history, a new product development, there must be time for the accumulation, have accumulated technology, there is a substantial input of funds.
Why is the core competitiveness of Chinese products enough? Why is not it? I think the market in the world to see China's products, read the Chinese-made, mostly labor-intensive, high-tech high value-added less, why? I think that today's world, the most basic of these countries inside the government to do research, and application of research is done in the enterprise, of course, the world's largest multinational corporations must also begin some basic research, applied research is investment is very large.
I think we Chinese do not lack of such a large multinational company, we have big companies, but the flop of the Government company, is a resource development, development of products by companies really small, we have the right car, I think in many ways we lack of competitiveness, one of the conditions, we insufficient capital investment, the development of a product requires a lot of money, and now our government has also stressed that enterprises should develop a large number of input costs, I just said that our colleagues who are 50 billion annual sales income of 60 billion, even is hundreds of billions of dollars, and we 100 billion yuan, 10%, that is a little Jige Yi, so we are 30 times, 50 times the difference, or even a hundred times the difference, how do we, and others compared. I think not only in enhancing the competitiveness of Zhengfu resources, I think it should also be subject, I recently test news, there is a report, now in plasma development in the world is ahead of Japan.
On such a situation, the Japanese Government will also study the plasma of five companies combine the best, and then they take half of the five funds, the Government still half of the funds to address the problem of plasma costs, quality issues. Therefore, we have the time difference, the difference between a starting point, the difference between a capital investment. Therefore, Chinese companies want to catch up and over the world, I feel the Government has a very important responsibility, we can not be developed together, but we have just embarked on a market economy, I think the opportunity to mature, we tend to first hit Nei business battle fighting a battle fought in no major economic input, we join the WTO, we need to join hands, we first beat themselves, you price cut I cut prices, the ability to play and so on with no input.
Into the international market, we research new products and compete with the world when the government has very important responsibilities, so I call upon all sectors to unite us, I hope the Government for more support to Chinese enterprises involved in greater input, catch up with peers beyond our world.
Hope that you will thank you!

Heng Yuan Xiang Liu Ruiqi, Chairman and General Manager on business growth

Thank you for this opportunity, Heng Yuan Xiang is a state-owned enterprises, but now not. When I was 87 years go, is a small shop with big business can not be compared, then only 39 employees, specializing in selling wool, and now to today, our management buyout in 2001, into a private enterprise, and change into a private enterprise after they have a great feeling, and now want to change back is to change the variable back, should not change Do not change, the state-owned enterprises have some control you, some organizations, I often meet, come to me after the meeting has changed did not, but the requirements of an enterprise self-discipline higher than in the past, it is clear about the business, tax higher than in the past I did not say that I mean the past taxes, transfer taxes in the past may be less.
Heng Yuan Xiang came after so many years how he is doing? State-owned enterprise reform is a very important question is what? We first identify how a situation of state-owned enterprise assets like? We have a saying, when a company's assets when the property is less than tangible assets, the tangible assets will be lost when the property rights of his own time to cover other tangible assets, it will bring more benefits, if so determined, then A good business operators, entrepreneurs, he relies on his wisdom, because wisdom to rely on intellectual property creation is, how to understand this value? I think this is very important.
If we are to recognize the wisdom of intellectual property rights brought wealth to create value, I would like to 杩欎釜 it define that easier, if the definition of out of it, that state businesses that he is certainly able to do a good job of, Guan Jian is we do not define, Suo Yi difficult to engage.
So I think we were state-owned enterprise reform, this determined to pursue them meaning. Heng Yuan Xiang results of the operations may be relatively good, because we have such a small asset, so make a lot of money, so I published 95 articles on this, in fact, operators, entrepreneurs, the problem is not how much, to the value of the problem , there is a recognition that if you he does not, what a big problem? Over the past that a stamp to write a letter, can unseat a good person, but also we speak in the past you do not recognize the value of an entrepreneur, then a 16 to open a red or white cover, this piece of paper can immediately change about, business can not be in accordance with the strategy to do so. We do have a wool industry experience, I propose that the state-owned enterprise reform, an idea.
Whatever the nature of our business, should have a capacity, I did not say why the core competitiveness of the market for our company to do when a small shop as I do, I can go to the market competition? Is not possible. I am with my ability to participate in this market, you do the knitting Heng Yuan Xiang do to do it? Heng Yuan Xiang wool in 1996 was to make the best, I say we had to do 10 million, I say if a world of Coke ads around 7% year out, there are about 200 million U.S. dollars, if he get 200 million U.S. wool in China, do you still Heng Yuan Xiang? No, of course, Coca-Cola can not do, our business is too small to compete in this platform. So we called the company saying competition is dead, who participate in the competition, who will seek death, how do we do? So say our ability to build our company's core expertise, we have our expertise, even if I was playing the message, you want to make you not hit me, I mean, I want the change of method, we use the best innovative ways to develop our own business and industry. This is our only way out.
If we are to compete, I have many friends to do whatever to do marketing consulting, as a concept is very clear that in China we have always said, the Chinese ask a hundred people, about 90 people that I would be the boss, to go abroad not, ask 100 people 90 people said that I will always be working, so companies do not, do so at some point, especially high intelligence of the industry, our company is also the way we build our company's capabilities, our core expertise, I also stresses the lunch time, our company establish what capacity? We are a team capacity, we are not personal capacity, we are beginning to promote, we are still small business in our company's core of Heng Yuan Xiang, leaving the staff, no one can be successful in our company which he may no sense, why? Because our team there are many resources can be shared use, to the outside if he could become a more excellent person, but he said two years later, after no team left our ability to support him, he could not succeed Now our company has been digging to find out our company successful.
As I finished last year after the acquisition so far has not dismiss an employee, but I have 83 employees fried squid. We create a good environment should be left behind, there will be no bad market, you should go. I think we should pass this core competence.
Two years ago I wrote an article called The Third Eye with the meaning of the United States third hand, what does that mean? Our own development strategies, if someone becomes part of a strategy, we can not succeed, then how do we let other people's strategy to become a part of our strategy, we will be successful. We should therefore build in capacity, based on expertise, what is it? Is the ability to mobilize resources for integration, if you can integrate the world's best resource mobilization, you will succeed.

Xu Haifeng, deputy director of Beijing Railway Bureau on enterprise reform and competition

People think that there is no competition, monopoly, in fact it exists, it mainly comes from the addition of new products, the threat of substitute products and competition within the industry. With the high road of development, with the improvement of living standards, especially the people of the very selective growing. Therefore, the railway as a transport mode, faced with competition between transport modes. And this competition is actually a redistribution of market share, and re-integration.
In that competition among railways, office of a very disadvantaged position, since 1997, a steady increase in the total society, while rail's market share continued to reduce. The formation of highway, so people on the trip of comfort and convenience have a higher demand, he a direct threat to the short-distance rail market in less than 200 km should be said that the formation of a high-speed transportation network is basically the market.
Railway since 1998 to reduce the rate of annual double-digit decrease, with the civil aviation system reform, with the increase in recent years of civil aviation routes and flights to adjust, especially the introduction of the aircraft, so long-distance rail transport in the air face challenges.
In recent years the pace of development pipeline soon, including Xinjiang, have now taken a pipeline transportation. So, the long-term reliance on rail transport of oil dragon gradually disappeared, so that this part of the railway greatly reduced the market share of business, railway transportation had become a regional short-haul long-distance direct transport, the railway's turnover dropped significantly, five modes of transportation, 4 different types of transport modes as a competitor, and different alternatives to form a strong rail competition.
This competition is vivid in my mind that this competition is rapidly changing, this competition is squeezing the railway to survive and how to face this challenge? How to adjust their decision-making? How to survive in the marketplace and development? Is faced by the railways, a pressing problem.
Some say it could reform, it was said restructuring can be implemented, then the railroad should do way? I think that the railway should follow the law of the railway. Yinggai in Le Jie He Fenxiguke Xuqiushangqu Xunzhaochulu. Railways should change our ideas, to change the way we organize ideas and concepts to find ways to change up. Should be in a larger context to make good use of resources and industrial advantages go make efforts.
So I say monopoly faces competition, but competition is very cruel. It has been a threat to the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, the concept of the railway must be changed. Premier Chang out of the question for us today, called the core competencies, what is the core competitiveness of the railway what? Low levels of the past, we believe that the competitiveness of the railway is safe, comfortable, convenient, fast, but in today's ever-changing market, we believe that as a state-owned enterprise's core competitiveness is the continued ability to grow. So how to ensure or guarantee that the state-owned railway companies to continue to grow, is a measure of the capacity and competitiveness of enterprises an important criterion.
Railway Administration through our practice, I realized that enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enhance the ability of a company's sustained growth should take hold of the five elements:
The first element is the idea, because ideas will be different for different policies, different policies decided in the course of your life in the market competition, the atmosphere, such as the past, we considered the iron rail boss, and believe that rail-dominated world, countries to develop the national economy can not develop without the railway. But with four modes of transport just said the rapid development of the railway is not in the iron boss, and the community overall growth of the speed of the speed rail rapid decline, forming a strong contrast. It shows where the gap? Gap is our lack of size up the situation on the changing market awareness, but when we change our thinking when iron boss, the effect will be significant changes, the railway from the iron boss walked the customer first, this concept of customer service, we set a series of measures, have made very effective results. Therefore, the policy rationale for its decision, the decision of the positioning concept, rationale for its decision to survive.
Second, I think it is the scale of state-owned enterprises should be said that for decades, and pay homage to the achievements of employees of state-owned enterprises, industrial army formation, including the effective management approach, not as a conversion on all abandoned, and should be read China's state-owned enterprises have a lot of different things, we talk about competitiveness, the main talk is different, the West many countries and enterprises have great admiration for Women, Yin Wei of China Tielubuguan from the volume and density to the forefront of the world, Ta Men the efficiency of China's railway marvel felt, why should we waste it, we can not summarize it, the times of want it in the new market competition among how with Chinese characteristics. So we, the railway, including state-owned enterprises, as have several veterans said, we can not split it, we should really form a fist.
I think that is the third segment, the success we are now many companies, precisely positioning the market which focus on market segmentation, Tielu Anzhaobutong levels of passengers, the needs of different visitors, different car to the visitors a customized solution tailored and I think there will be major railway development, in which we do a lot of practice.
In the product segments, we divided by speed, 160 km, 140 km, 120 km, divided third gear, that is, we can see green car, red skin car, blue leather car, we have the long-distance trains, and the opening of the train during the day We have the sunset red train for elderly, we also have tourist train, because of different levels to meet passenger demand, as long as it is recognized that to meet demand, it will enable you to benefit.
Fourth brand, an enterprise to be successful, what success? Depend on your unique product, this product has a consumer-oriented if the difference of principle and character, then it is different, different is the best competitive.
An enterprise to build its own brand in the market competition, only on their own core products, unique services, will occupy the commanding height of the market.
Lastly, management, and many enterprise restructuring, but without success, listed companies covering more and more serious, phenomenon of loss, we feel that corporate restructuring is to promote greater clarity in property rights, responsibilities more clearly, resources can be effectively integrated, if the change the system is not an issue in this respect, even if the forms change, but the content has not changed, you still can not change the fate of state-owned enterprises.
So how to strengthen the management? How to take hold of their own internal management and respond to market management, I feel that the core content is to establish a management model with Chinese characteristics. Any one model is not possible to rely on 10,000 enterprises, but I think a more important point is that state-owned enterprises should develop our own implementation of the strategic capabilities, to a good desire, through their own practice to realize it, the ideal something or pursue something through their own efforts to realize, this is precisely within the Chinese enterprises to create work needs to be done.
I believe that China's state-owned enterprises, under the guidance of the central government policy, the backbone of the efforts of these Chinese companies, Chinese companies as long as the accurate positioning in the marketplace, to grasp their own, a clear historical responsibility, to do solid work, improve their practical ability, I Chinese companies like there is hope, thank you!

Ren Zhiqiang, general manager of Huayuan Group on core competence

Thank you, 83 Hua Yuan started from established brands with a whole people, they became the state-owned enterprises. Also completed after the money, no investment, and do not know how going children also remains state-owned enterprises. When we had the highest total assets of 138 billion. State-owned enterprises are able to live together, the key is the head of state, the arms and legs are not state-owned body.
Because foreigners on the core competence is in terms of their firm's environment, our core competitiveness of state-owned enterprises should be from the perspective of our existing state-owned enterprise environment, how to create a competitive edge? We are experienced in this business process is likely that one of the corporate governance structure to give priority to the transformation. This is a systemic problem, the second is the issue of corporate culture, in front of some of the traditional leaders said that managers of state-owned enterprises are government officials, the first change of government officials, enterprise managers, which is a major change like Liu Zonggang only that the text of a paper official, officials can change at any time, if ever go to an official of state-owned enterprise managers, then he means by officials to study his strategy, how can I meet on an assessment ? Then how can I guarantee business performance so I went to an official.
The process of reform is no longer practical to become the first officer, he can do well in this business. We have just Railway Bureau official, the Secretary may still continue to have to go, because they are not businesses. I personally think that state-owned enterprises are a way of enterprise management, but these I do not think it is the enterprise, if an enterprise may be wrong.
We have divided into several categories inside Shiliu Da, and a class, and market competition, we are talking about market competition, the first of these individuals do not let him pull down an official, we MBO approach, like Liu Zonggang only that, as an official after the first you do not, you will take the social status of authorized capital markets, you become a manager. You have a capital market value, you can not consider me to an official, and considering I only enough for a manager. I may be famous, although we have no advertising, but we have seven million annual salary, as the management of state-owned enterprises have seven million annual salary, I've become a celebrity, our system would not let him appear as an official, but as all managers appear When you have some equity, you turn into business were taken from the remaining profits.
If the state-owned assets, the right to residual income and you have no business relationship manager, he will not manage their assets very seriously, and when he is a shareholder or officer that he was not longer, he may be more questions from the business point of view , how can my company long-term development. Identity transformation process, he no longer want to get promoted more Yong Li Yi, Er through Qiyefazhan more interest, Zhegeweizhi changed, hence, institutional reform, Keneng is Guoyou company wants to market a competitive basis 鍙備笌, property rights after the point.
So he put enterprise as a tool, now reversed, he would be the business as a resource. The reason we keep his head, is always and splicing of state resources, the state can enjoy a special resources are reserved, according to market economic point of view, more suitable for private enterprises to compete, since there is the advantage why not use the state-owned.
The second issue of corporate culture, when the manager or by way of holding part of the MBO option after the status of his idea of a series of changes may occur. For instance, we say that the problem of asymmetric information, if he shares suffer as a result words, asymmetric information is reduced, such as incentive mechanism, if he holds a stake and can gain more income, he will change.
Liu always said to more than 9000 million, a figure very high, if you only give him 95, he must not have the desire, 95 does not make sense to him, he thought knowledge was not recognized by the capital market, he he When there are 9000 shares a very high, and he was admitted, so incentives problem it wants to.
Of course, when we carry out institutional reforms, many officials give us their views, because any reform must go through an official approval, approval when they raised money Jiu hold you Take the Name What Duo up stakes and go can be so much 鍥芥湁 assets income, did a lot of people have this view, equal to MBO implementation, he fully investigated in a large number of state-owned assets of private property, services, reversed think, because he can stimulate the growth of private equity managers only to state-owned shares also followed for more more interest and revenue, which may be institutional changes.
Some effect because of this, we may produce a new corporate culture, corporate culture in the past, the staff called technological innovation, reasonable suggestions, you can listen to, because he was born with lower status than you, you are manager, he is the regulator, he is a worker, in turn, when he became a shareholder, you can not listen to him. This may occur if culture change, then the corporate culture in terms of competition is likely to reflect the role of cohesion problems, which the status of equal Gudongguanxi created the Chinese nation is no longer a simple concept, in our country inside is often said that we of the Chinese nation, we are very proud, so we have a Chinese, the Chinese concept of a land flowing with blood of Chinese people, foreigners going to China can not become Zhonghuaminzu years, and most of the national development Sudu speed Zhisuoyikuai, companies only that he was new to staff, staff and new staff had a difference between, the enterprise can not develop, if the other way round, as long as you enter the business is family, no matter what your past the blood stream, this time only the enterprise has a great impact, this company have innovative concepts, and we go to play a role in the community.
Internal and external corporate culture, and internal problems with employees, staff is not a trust company, talent is no longer a corporate competitive advantage, as any business can use the high salary or other means to attract talent, what is the competitive advantage may be the final result of corporate culture is the most knowledgeable people can stay competitive advantage. Others may be willing to spend more money, but if you have a corporate culture, or more competitive when the people do not because you can get a higher salary to leave the business, because the corporate culture may give you a bigger stage this time even if your business successful.
Otherwise you will always be people who poached the most successful people with high salaries to poach staff may. For example, we engaged in real estate, real estate market in this phenomenon often is because many businesses no good corporate culture, and Resources last year we broke up, probably more than half of this year, the backbone of all back, because we have excellent corporate culture The cohesion of the formation of a trust system. This trust is the trust companies to develop long-term concept. In turn to a trust in society, we are to create the brand, the brand is actually a social commitment, promise I can do this, the results of this trust is the trust of the enterprise, including employees and the community customers, this allows you to have a more competitive business.
I think Shi Liuda to our most basic concept is the updating process is actually Xiaoping put forward the theme of peace and development as when, we, as a senior manager of state-owned enterprises, in fact we are doing the process of peaceful evolution. Is actually a process of evolution, consistent with the spirit 鍗佸叚澶?the Sixteenth to China from state ownership into two wavering, our business through such a process can have a highly developed business process, which we are there is a core competitive.
The next step may be in accordance with Shiliu Da Spirit and active cooperation, including our ability to attract foreign investment, including our access to capital markets, including our access to WTO, and cooperation among countries in the world, If they succeed, then we might get a new achievements and new developments.
Thank you


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dealers should not be fishing in 10

If the river channel metaphor, likened the product water flow, to channel the profits of all aspects of fish in water metaphor, then, dealers have to make a profit, in the end to the upstream (manufacturer) "Laoyu" or to the downstream (network) "fishing"?

Reality which, due to lack of business management, business staff negligence and dereliction of duty, and distributors eager to make profits, leading to the upper reaches of the majority of dealers vulnerable to "quick kill" the error, can not form healthy profit dealers mode, leading to significant passive market.

Through observation, companies need a high degree of vigilance against the following 10 "fish":

First fish: the promotion costs of closure benefit

Phenomenon: When the factory according to market needs, develop a marketing strategy and cost of support, the dealers will not be fully used in the cost intensity of the market. Such as: a biscuit company under the "independent package" of new products to market needs, in a market of 20% of the sample package (marked "for sale" word) delivery program, the market dealers are unauthorized to half of the sample packet is split into "casual cake "sold,

Remaining before the delivery to the terminal.

Consequences: enterprise development programs and costs to support the promotion is to rapidly open up the market, beating competitors, and if the dealers will support the costs Jinxingzhijie closure or disguised Jie Liu, will result in discounts on in the implementation strategy, so the lack of market impact and ultimately causing manufacturers spend money, the market not see output, dealers did not earn more money.

Second fish: false benefit costs

Phenomenon: the dealer to various costs of false profits, such as costs of super into the store, Duitou fees, display fees, Dianqing fees, activity fees, personnel fees, and Shopping guide, for more than false reports, not the cost of flowers that spent and spent less cost that much to spend, through various shops and the cost of money to the enterprise.

Consequences: manufacturers often put into the market after the inputs and outputs found in disproportionate ability in question, while business people will doubt the strength of dealers and network control, and then transfer the cost to support the market direction, the input and output is high and the market to tilt.

Third fish: special benefit fraud

Phenomenon: When the factory products in the supermarket launched a special section, the product of "specials" below dealer's "purchase price", dealers sent their own special products will be purchased, the cost of support to earn the same time, back to factory manufactured products "quick consumption" of the illusion, then the manufacturers should take the cost of further support. Circulation in the factory for the dealer as part of "late sales" when digestion products, for the fee, they say that the grocery stores anymore, but in reality simply no Distribution Issues; over a period of time, selling products that they later returned, and subsequently continued to manufacturers money.

Consequences: "Special," product did not digest the digest, but also not really a market consumption, against competitors, while at the dealer to make immediate, is in fact self-deceiving, deceive the bully had. Because, when manufacturers continue to lose your support, what products or will rot in your warehouse.

Fourth Fish: bribes for cost benefit

Phenomenon: the dealer or active or passive, to the business, even corporate managers to bribe, bribery, overt or covert manner; out the way the two sides are often direct "exchange", dealer, factory sales staff commissions, marketing personnel to the dealer for the appropriate types of costs; dark ways, such as dealers and business people together to play mahjong or poker, active lose money.

Consequences: once the factory service personnel to gain mileage, will continue to obtain and ultimately lead to manufacturers as part of the real costs of inputs fall into the hands of business, dealers put away their part of the cost of the actual market investment is greatly reduced and can not meet the market growth needs. Moreover, once companies find out in the business enterprise, while facing staff, dealers are likely to lose their importance in enterprises.

Fifth fish: Yahuo benefit

Phenomenon: As the business objectives of the business enterprise staff assessment shipments, each end of the month, when business people to get the wages and bonuses, had to dealers Yahuo. And operational staff to dealers Yahuo, dealers would have to apply to a particular Yahuo "fee", or commitment to the dealer to give greater support for next month.

Consequences: Yahuo the end result, dealers were engaged in every big "belly", not digest, the support was again Yahuo big "stomach", a long time, dealers will inevitably suffer from "gastrointestinal diseases "; and develop operational staff are used to pass by Yahuo bear the pressure of their own after that, inevitably insufferably arrogant, and if you do not agree Yahuo, he will have another" empty stomach "(for distributors) to Yahuo. After the Spring Festival, an instant noodle no less than goods to the dealer pressure, put the Henan region, dealers almost changed over and over, eventually leading to the market overall jump drive.

Sixth Fish: slow purchase benefit

Phenomenon: If the benefit is the dealer Yahuo passive benefit, then take the initiative to reduce distributor purchase benefit is time to seek interest in the purchase of a way. Such as: a dealer in the normal sales rate of the purchase, the dealer has intentionally delayed purchase rate, and then talking to the enterprise market operations to these difficulties, the competing product promotions intensity of the enterprise for greater promotion to the cost of support; once business people eager to purchase when dealers will cost more support to the dealer.

Consequences: a sense of relief when the dealer purchases, the business people are not "idiot", when the two sides, "the progress" and "can not progress" between the "internal friction" when the loss of the white market opportunities, and lead to dealers and operational staff can concentrate on doing effective work to do to bring about sustained growth in sales of the work; both sides when a deadlock, even broke up.

VII of the Fish: FALSIFYING benefit

Phenomenon: "Lack of own land, planted others in the field." Many dealers fail to fulfill their sales tasks, on the cheap to sell the good people changing commodity market to access to basic profit and after the completion of tasks rebate.

Consequences: the result of changing commodity must be channel conflict between the price of transparency. When the channel every link when there is no guarantee of profits, dealers simply can not operate in this market was; and most of the enterprises will be changing commodity is strictly punished, and distributors may be so incurred "mean death." Even if companies do not care, a vicious FALSIFYING dealer will surely suffer around the dealer's "siege", when their market is dumping zone, when the market is becoming tasteless.

VIII of the Fish: Intimidation benefit

Phenomenon: "do not give additional promotion, I would not have done." "Products do not lower prices, the market died." I tried to get in Bengbu, Anhui, a new distributor (choosing to act "Hua" instant noodles) in 15 days sales of 27 million white elephant instant noodles, that dealers immediately with a white elephant sales, Hualong company to "intimidation" from the staff on the cost to the five individual support, terminal promotion on air bags to a five-for-1 support package of instant noodles, as well as promotional support for a large channel and so on; in his face threatening to benefit Hualong after he came back to me Po "intimidation", you have to give me the same policy support to the Hualong, or else white face up on the do not like.

Consequences: in my case, I first give the dealer a "Cold War" treatment, its back from the dead three days sightseeing before relaxing some (familiar with local customs), and then paid a visit to focus on other Several excellent food distributors. Then I told dealers to "off terror," you do Hualong, I intend to change the account; to white elephant products and my business ability, professionalism, and I can help you to do half the time 27 million, I can use the 3 months time to help other dealers achieve 1 million, you figure it out. A good business and a good man of business is that it could not be frightened, it will "shooting itself in the foot."

Article fish: adulteration benefit

Phenomenon: Most dealers do not benefit their sale of counterfeits, but some dealers will benefit adulteration, which focused on a number of bulk products. For example: frozen food industry, glutinous rice balls, dumplings, dumplings and other large bulk sales, and some manufacturers have a considerable portion of the regular products by foreign co-processing, dealers sold the goods into the regular factory to make money faster but less; Thus, distribution Business wanted, you find another process, why can not I find someone else process, so their goods into the small factory, into cold storage in a mixed, will become a regular factory product, but sold the same price, profit rapidly improved.

Consequences: after adulteration uneven quality, seriously affecting the consumer's brand loyalty, in the event of media exposure, will shatter the hard and nurturing themselves and their business brand.

10th Fish: Cargo benefit fraud

Phenomenon: the dealer using factory holes on the settlement money used for discharge do not pay, less pay, or bank draft conscious means of a small mistake, fraud payment.

Consequences: Such dealers strictly speaking, not the lack of business integrity, and even walk the edge of violating the law; such dealers will go to earn a cargo vehicle, and will not win the market, the market will certainly eliminated.

"Both of them benefit whichever weight, both with the lesser evil." Dealers should pay attention to the 10 fish, whether enterprise or to the distributors, are "profit is less than harm," So, we must effectively 10 to prevent the salvage dealer "fish"; the same time, enterprises must provide to the dealer network to downstream fishing tools and methods to guide and help dealers get more "fish."

To sum up in one sentence, is "to give people fish, rather teach him to fish," business only to the dealer for more "fishing", dealers can catch more "fish."

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Friday, September 24, 2010

C2C staged "Three Kingdoms"

Taobao, eBay open up B2C ring, patted seize C2C, For one-third of the world.

Recently, the China Internet Network Information Center released the first in China "C2C" online shopping survey. Survey showed the Chinese C2C shopping websites in fierce competition, to 67.3% while the proportion of Taobao, eBay eBay first defeat in the Chinese C2C online shopping market, "a dominant." eBay eBay with 29.1% share of the second row, pat net 2.2%.

Recently, the online trading community eBay eBay announced in Beijing that "the brand's flagship zone," formally launched, the first batch of 70 well-known brand and presence in the area, which means the past six months to eBay eBay's "brand strategy" has been created Divergent effects, and initially completed its "comprehensive e-commerce sites" the layout.

The same in May, Ma Taobao 3 anniversary celebration threw a "ball" - with B2C transactions model is also formally launched Taobao Mall. Day, Taobao also announced a set called "Good Fortune" ranking system into the network of auction transactions are.

Also in May, Teng Xun's pat Network issued a document to declare: As of May 10, patted network logon user number more than 15 million, the total number of online products more than 300 million mark in one fell swoop, a pat on the upcoming patented , a new free search ranking system recommended by bit and become the largest full free C2C platform.

Thus, the battle was a few years of eBay and Taobao, eBay official swing-up ring B2C e-commerce, brand, customers and channels "Running" explosive. With a pat on the high-profile entry, e-commerce has entered the Three Kingdoms?

Internet users should not trust the figures?

Either eBay or Taobao, or pat, which C2C market, the Big Three, "beating the drums" of capital are a bunch of "digital", and these figures for Internet users, is it really worth?

Taobao announced to enter the B2C market, time is May 10, 2006, eBay announced eBay official time on May 15. The industry's "first" shift from the C2C B2C, it seems to pick up a great deal Taobao.

Wu Shixiong eBay eBay China CEO, said this publicly, eBay eBay early last year on the development of the brand development strategy, also organized a special department to develop marketing and brand manufacturers, agents and distributors of cooperation. EBay Yongle Home Appliances settled by the end of March, out of the first flagship store, and soon consumer electronics, home and fashion brand flagship store three categories have on the line.

CCW Research analyst told reporters: "For the manufacturer, which platform is more suitable for shop, should depend on the number of users of this platform, trading volume and reputation factors; for Internet users, the website to which, depending on in shopping habits and varieties of goods, quantity, price and other factors. speculation time for merchants and users have no practical significance. "

In addition to "first come first served" argument, CNNIC recently released "2006 China C2C online shopping survey" also nearly caused a war of words. According to the number of shopping and shopping frequency calculation for 2005 China C2C shopping site in the user market share in the three cities shows that Taobao is 67.3%, eBay eBay is 29.1%, pat net 2.2% 1.4% network a shot . This report, Taobao obviously quite unashamedly; eBay eBay is even more believe their investigation; pat to see that "the domestic Internet users actually use C2C transactions less than 20%" of its potential.

"At present the domestic e-commerce is at an early stage of development. Bay eBay has occupied the largest market share, but because Taobao free, low commodity prices and other reasons, some users from eBay eBay moved to Taobao. That is, C2C field of upstart competitors can try to put the user into their own, be the first. "engage in business investment in the Internet, a veteran told reporters, C2C market users are highly mobile and very low switching costs, so Internet users on the shop's costs, product price, payment process is sensitive to even the third party's market share survey data, reference value is not great.

Web site to not charge?

Internet coverage of the world, Internet users never believe that "reasonable fees", so a more detailed e-commerce or to the C2C market, "charges" absolutely shop service platform for Web sites and Internet users should not be overlooked as a major problem.

The reason why people like Taobao, in fact, three years ago, word of mouth and free policy are inseparable. As the international e-commerce giant eBay eBay adhere to the "Free is not a business model," E-commerce in China is still in the training of the "Arrested Development", to create a living space Taobao. It has been such a laugh: "King to the Board, thieves dispersed. Even warriors, not Tulong Dao, also had not the itinerant." Taobao these three years, but by providing services free of charge on the lakes reputation overnight.

eBay eBay then this adjustment, the three main fees (shop shop fees, transaction costs and transaction log commodity commission) all at once eliminates the two. As Ma said, "Good Fortune" charging system introduced, Taobao is still standing on one foot free big boat and one foot boat has been upgraded to charges.

Taobao bulletin board in the BBS on the part of the shop's business has also expressed doubts. "I Taobao small store, was operating only in his spare time, PPC, then I am sure no time to take care of, had to find another free platform to shop." Commentators have also pointed out that the abandoned Taobao may not only pure The "free", as well as pure "C2C". Therefore, Taobao, eBay B2C ring open another occasion, a pat on the C2C has begun to describe a new blueprint for free.

Some analysts have pointed out that domestic C2C and Email, BBS may only be counted as an additional service platform, simply can not pay, profit-making points hidden in the B2C market. Teng Xun from the QQ free to develop value-added business and accumulated a lot of experience. Teng Xun e-commerce company in Guangzhou relevant head of department, said: "The main duties of operators at this stage should be through continuous innovation and lower the threshold, popular e-commerce in China, training the user's C2C trade practices. At home, small and medium users occupy the main part of the C2C business, and charge prematurely, invisible in the enhanced e-commerce barriers to entry, is not conducive to long-term development of China C2C industry. "

Next mode?

Although e-commerce penetration in China is less than Europe and the United States, but the segment has also created a fixed pattern and hegemony. EBay and Taobao have recently involved in B2C, caused a sensation because the industry, on the one hand is the struggle of two rival erection waves; the other hand, C2C and B2C e-commerce model pattern and may also change dramatically.

B2B pattern of stable, well-known that Alibaba; C2C Although the change in rapidly, but eBay and Taobao's absolute monopoly on the short term no one to shake; B2C of the dead, but the delay in the birth of the Martial. Dangdang monopoly books, excellent precision attack video, 800BUY sell gifts, are a party hegemony.

Internationally, the Amazon is almost monopolized the B2C, B2C platforms so domestic imitation Amazon model. But Ma hopes to play the role of insurgents. He said: "Even if the United States have such good distribution and logistics infrastructure, Amazon has only 5% of the profits. In China, B2C market is very mature, but excellent, Dangdang still live very hard, it shows a problem with this model . "

Ma's name to "critical," said Public Relations Excellence is not convenient for competitors over the Amazon published the comments. CEO Wang Hanhua mildly superior to the reporter that when the dust settles after the point of view to the public from the excellent interpretation of the domestic B2C market situation and B2C models of the problem.

Ma also said Taobao create a new B2C model close to the "Amazon + Dell" in the composite model. B2C model different from previous international and domestic network of sales companies to earn more profit model into the shipping price difference, businesses and consumers can not get maximum benefit. Some netizens have still generated a lot of consideration: "let the Chinese people have not seen, touched on the money or goods in kind, there are still many difficulties. In addition, the online payment is a bottleneck, security and convenience are made people headaches. "

Interview, eBay eBay has denied the outside world on the "C2C market was becoming saturated into the B2C" speculation, the relevant person in charge told reporters: "The Chinese e-commerce market is still in its infancy, the 110 million Internet users, have tried online transactions only 2 percent, many users still lingering in e-commerce market. in the market activity is not high, only bring more users, especially to attract mainstream consumers in e-commerce business model army , is currently the best business model. "

In the interview, reporters found that Taobao, eBay, patted all agree, all kinds of e-commerce business state boundaries have become blurred, including B2C and C2C models, including the integration and complementarity of e-commerce industry has become inevitable. But the platforms are still significant differences, Taobao tend to "free + Lucky"; eBay are revealed in C2C, B2C, B2B platform to develop all-round electric business operations; pat started late, so "free" and focus on the development of C2C.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Epson ink cartridge patent new alternative to the situation of domestic supplies of unknown

Recently, State Intellectual Property Office issue paper No. 8296, announced previously authorized Epson ZL95117800.8 (referred to as 117,800 patent) is invalid in all of 62 patents, this information so that the investigation is working to meet the domestic United States 337 is compatible supplies manufacturers were overjoyed.

Yesterday, Epson relevant person in charge on the "62 ink cartridge patent" invalid regarding the "First Financial Daily" response, said Epson's 17,800 patents describe the error due to their own patent applications have been replaced by a new, and this Old patent is not valid, in fact, does not affect the Epson to continue to exercise the franchise in China.

It is understood that Epson has been at the April 28, 2006 the State Intellectual Property Office received notice of the patent license (Patent No. 02147345.5), Epson is under the "Authorization Notice" handle patent registration.

According to Epson official said, why do the Chinese again, "divisional application" because the October 16, 2002, Epson found that because the Chinese translation of improper file a "typing error (typemis)" make relevant statements were inaccurate. Immediately, the Epson immediately relevant patents for "divisional application", application number is "02147345.5."

It is understood that, "divisional application" is to re-describe the patents, with more accurate words, the details of re-applied again, but the basic point is still the original 62, and the original application is no different.

April 18, 2004, Gong Bin, secretary general of supplies good as the person requesting invalidation, the State Intellectual Property Office patent review board of the 117,800 patent invalidation. June 1, the State Intellectual Property Office announced that all 117 800 patents invalid. June 15, Gong Bin Liang received the State Intellectual Property Office issued a "written decision."

The Epson's new patent, Gong Bin Liang said just yesterday that he is Epson's new patent, it is unclear circumstances, not a good judge. Gong Bin Liang also said that when in 2004 his patent invalid for Epson 117 800, Epson has not disclosed to the public the so-called new patents.

"As a well-known industry experts, Mr. Gong Binliang should know the principles of the two applications do not distinguish between the so-called '62 patent was canceled, China and the world can be free to use other companies' is impossible." Industry source said.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clever and FTP permissions under control related forums

Many enterprises have achieved through their own online forum set up to communicate with customers, employees the purpose of internal communications, in addition to FTP services through the preservation and sharing of resources functions. However, in actual operation of such a demand has emerged that there is a correlation can hope to achieve the Forum account and FTP account linkage. That customers or employees registered at the forum after the corresponding new account real-time FTP server also opened this account and an additional forum where registered members of different management groups corresponding to different groups of users upload and download FTP account permissions are different. Please IT168 today's readers and authors together to start learning how to ODBC is closely related to the Forum and the FTP account.

Using the Forum database verify the legitimacy of FTP accounts

1, the Forum associated with the use of FTP accounts:

Forum and FTP account management is the practical effect of this, companies usually have an online forum available to customers and employees to communicate, to discuss practical issues; the same time within the enterprise has a FTP server with a lot of work above the storage resources, in part, confidential, some are public. Now we are through the Forum and the associated FTP account can be achieved after the following features.

(1) employees or customers in the online forums immediately after registration of an account of the account can log in the FTP server.

(2) employees or customers log on FTP server using the account number and password and enter the Forum registration is the same.

(3) in the forum, there are many user groups, corresponding to different user groups different permissions, we can divide different groups assign different privileges to different user permissions for FTP transfer. This means that if the Forum is an account management team members, so he can get when your account login FTP higher authority, while the Forum account is a regular group members, with their own FTP account to log on after the authority is relatively low.

(4) not only by different user groups to assign permissions FTP login, we can forums such as the prestige points, money and other arbitrary parameters as a measure of the standard FTP permissions to implement account management rules.

Second, install the ODBC to mysql flexible up:

FTP is closely related to the forum and want to achieve is linked to the first forum to address the database can be used by the FTP, the author Discuz! Forum Gene6 FTP site set up between the introduction of this feature as an example. As Discuz! Using a Mysql database, Gene6 data can be referenced by means of external access to account information, which provided for us to meet the preconditions for linkage. However, to want Gene6 smooth access to external mysql database information, we need to install the ODBC Mysql database program, so that external reference possible.

The first step: We first visited the this address, the latest version of ODBC to 5.1.3, we download the mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.3-win32 . msi the procedures.

Step Two: If we are to successfully download the mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.3-win32.msi must be registered, according to web page choose to register your account.

Third step: Register to download account, specific information and registration email similar point after completing the "Finish" button.

Step Four: Under the Download link prompts a number of countries we can choose between multiple addresses, in order to ensure the speed I recommend using Asian server to download, but unfortunately there is no internal download. I chose Korean link. Of course we can get two ways mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.3-win32.msi, one is HTTP, FTP download one.

Step five: After we downloaded directly run mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.3-win32.msi can be installed, his size is 4.12MB.

Step Six: Select the installation, the default available to us "typical", "full", "custom" of the three categories, in fact, we choose the default "Typical" installation can, point NEXT button to continue.

Step Seven: Copy files to local hard disk to be.

So far we have completed the mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.3-win32.msi installation, we MYSQL on the server to allow external programs through ODBC connection and access and query data.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dealers also need to plan

Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Mr. Zhao, according to their grasp of the market analysis, a few years ago at a winery in Dehui own registration of "Xin Dehui" brand and buy their own brand sales, and now have one myself company, has nearly 20 employees. In the operation of the process, because of market operations are also appropriate to make a handsome profit. With the lapse of time, especially in 2006, although sales have been improving, but found that their profits have not been repaid to the contrary, there was a certain degree of deterioration. To seek a breakthrough in business, he made a special trip from the northeast arrived in Zhengzhou, hoping to get some help. Confusion because of similar such as Zhao Zhanwei dealer also, so it will be his special case of sorting out.
Zhao Zhanwei: I take a direct operation of the city of Harbin, to business people to take the way of street sweeping operations at the retail end, the other cities and counties in Heilongjiang have adopted the use of distributors to operate. In Harbin city, I found my terminal in operation, the input increases, the profit is decreasing, while also continue to appear cheap imitation brand harassment.

Mao Xiaomin: First of all, should be affirmed, in an unknown brand in the early operation of the market, to start from the terminal and operating practices of this idea is correct, this is your light a bottle of wine products to the second one is more of Harbin very important reason. However, the drawbacks of the direct operation of the terminal is too costly, with the market you need to operate a certain way on the adjustment. That is, the market for about urban classification, separation of mature and strong areas / new market / semi-Zone, the area has been strong in the mature market should be gradually handed over to distributors or second issue of business to operate, to give them a suitable spread so that they take the profits of which the regional delivery and services in these areas to reduce your cost of service delivery and, of course, these distributors or batches of the service do not you direct the operation of effective, but more importantly is that you can focus on what human and material resources to develop new markets in semi-developed and to seek new sales and profit growth. For those who imitate the brand of harassment, first of all to be sure that the market economy who could not to destroy the competition, competition is the norm. For those who are fake and has affected the nature of your business's products can be resolved through legal means, but for other brands as long as you do better than they had little Haojiu Xing. But do not cut prices do not take direct way to deal with them, unless you want a particular product as a victim of models, ready to die with competitive products. Necessary, you can post a portion of profits to costs is the best way to combat them.

Zhao Zhanwei: My other cities and counties in Heilongjiang are also problems with the operation, as a new brand intervene in the market difficult, many distributors are generally reluctant to accept the goods early, I let my business personnel to the customer after the first continue to use their vehicles with cash are the distribution method for the first distribution in place because our product quality, price right, so do not pre-Distribution Issues, and these distributors a look at our products, so they began to purchase . Through this way for some time, I have all the cities and counties in Heilongjiang have established distributors, but the salesman left, the distributors took not very buy goods in the warehouse a result, many distributors have lost market , and many distributors sales did not meet my expectations.

Mao Xiaomin: From your customer's methods and techniques developed up to no problem, but in the overall planning is a problem that is guilty of a "bear breaking stick" type of error. For distributors, he got your product and brand as they are not his, so he can not like you to actively promote your product and you market early in his shop just a few goods, the future of this brand What happens in the end his heart and not a few, you only let them see the hope of your brand management and considerable profit situation, the only positive to promote and sell your product. Then the best way is to develop a distributor if, after you focus your human and material resources to help these distributors continuing Distribution Issues and replenishment until the market began to second and third from your distributors start to delivery, will motivate them up. And then concentrated to develop the next distributor market. Development of the market not only on quantity and quality must be.

Zhao Zhanwei: I pay my business plan to staff is not basic salary, commission taken by the way, and standards are the same. The income of my business officers in Harbin is also considered not low, and they basically can get 1500 per month --- 2,000 yuan. Pay my program and team management how do you see?

Mao Xiaomin: strictly speaking, the program depends on your salary in your business what kind of a state and your next step to integrate the planning assessment. For those who have matured and are fast on the amount of the regional market in terms of operational personnel, they certainly like to use your current salary package because they know that their income is guaranteed, even not take much effort you can get a good income. But its drawback is obvious. 1. If you have a mature market and is rapidly on the amount of the market, you have to take this program, not only did not the economy (because these markets do not need so many people have had), but also allow them to produce slack thinking; 2. Not conducive to the development of new markets, because there is no floor who do not want to develop new markets, then the program will restrict your new market development. So I suggest that you can categorize your market, after setting the identification of two salary options. For those who have matured and are fast on the amount of the market, you can extend your current salary package and reduce the size and the appropriate evaluation to increase their sales and special assessment; for those who need to develop new markets and increase the operational staff go to these markets A basic salary, then doing commission, but the target volume to be adjusted according to market conditions. This advantage is you can only use the amount to keep those good at the business market, personnel assigned to the mature market and is the amount of the market, to market those who are good at business development officer assigned to new markets. Another commission for the product, not a royalty percentage of all products, low profits for those who are mature products that can be set only to maintain lower commission when the ratio of profit for those high and new products can increase the commission set up when the ratio, to produce a species of the correct direction.

Team management on the business, of course, first to design a good program of their salary, which is both you or your staff this is big business. Second, we must establish rules and regulations and strictly enforced, your addition should strengthen internal management and reduce vulnerability.

Zhao Zhanwei: I sell the products retail 3.5 yuan / bottle of light bottle, with the increased competition. Cost inputs to increase, while unit profits are declining. Faced with this situation, how do I reverse it?

Mao Xiaomin: First of all sold products from your point of view, retail and 3.5 yuan / bottle of the product clearly can not give you higher profit margins, which requires you to product structure or product variety up and down some work. Products go through the public cost-sharing, by the product structure more feasible way to make a profit, you can market in the 5 yuan / bottle, 8 yuan / bottle, 10 yuan / bottle, 15 yuan / bottle, 20 yuan / bottle price Bring a phased introduction of some relatively high-margin products, after all, speaking to you, you already have some of the networks, and the market has matured, but also a business team, you can still use this advantage to go to these Chanpin done. But you do not do things that do not match the resources, such as development of high-priced products.鍙﹀濡傛灉浣犵殑璧勬簮鏀寔锛屽彲浠ヨ?铏戝湪澧炲姞涓?釜鍏朵粬浼佷笟鐨勭櫧閰掑搧鐗岋紝涓?埇鏉ヨ锛屼紒涓氬湪杩愬仛鏂板競鍦烘椂锛屼細鎶曞叆鐩稿簲鐨勬斂绛栨敮鎸侊紝杩欏彲浠ュ湪涓?畾绋嬪害涓婅捣鍒板帇缂╀綘鐨勮垂鐢紝澧炲姞涓?釜鍩瑰吇鎴愯禋閽卞搧鐗岋紝浠庤?闄嶄綆椋庨櫓銆?br />
Second, strengthen internal management, by managing to make up the management of the loopholes, reduce costs, improve the overall level of profitability.


Zhao Zhanwei: I have developed an innovative wine barrels of 40 degrees, but other companies have also developed a wine barrel, although the standard 40 degrees, but in fact only 32 degrees, because they cut corners, it cost me less than, less than a dollar a barrel, more than I am. Because of their price advantage than I have, so I drag in the promotion process is relatively large. If I have a price with them, I can not make any money. Then how can I do?

銆??姣涘皬姘戯細鏈変袱浠朵簨浣犱笉鑳藉仛锛屼竴鏄嚜宸变篃鍋峰伐鍑忔枡闄嶄綆璐ㄩ噺涓庝粬浠珵浜夛紱浜屾槸闄嶄綆浠锋牸涓庝粬浠珵浜夈?杩欎袱鏉¤矾璧伴偅涓?潯閮戒細鎶婁綘鐨勮繖娆句骇鍝侀?鍏ュ潫澧撱? If a certain period in the previous occupation of product quality is the product of absolute market conditions, it is the product quality is enterprise products now dominate the market the necessary conditions. Deceive the consumer is the ultimate result can only be abandoned by consumers, so despite the promotional efforts of resistance, must adhere to. As long as consumers drink your wine and drink wine out of different race, then the future occupation of the market is your wine.浣嗘槸浣犲彲浠ュ湪涓?畾鏃舵湡鎺ㄥ嚭涓?畾鐨勪績閿?椿鍔ㄤ篃鍖栬В鐢变簬浣犵殑浠锋牸姣旂珵鍝侀珮鎵?甫鏉ョ殑闃诲姏銆?br />
銆??璧靛崰浼燂細濡備綍瀹炵幇瑙勮寖鍖栫殑绠$悊锛?br />




銆??寤虹珛瑙勭珷鍒跺害銆傚埗搴﹀缓绔嬭捣鏉ュ悗瑕佹寜鐓у埗搴︽潵鍋氫簨锛岃皝鐮村潖鍒跺害鍒跺害灏卞缃氳皝锛屽嵆渚挎槸鑰佹澘鐨勫灞炲拰浜叉垰涔熶笉渚嬪銆?br />

銆??璧靛崰浼燂細閭d箞璇ュ浣曟彁鍗囩粡娴庢晥鐩婂憿锛?br />



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