Friday, September 24, 2010

C2C staged "Three Kingdoms"

Taobao, eBay open up B2C ring, patted seize C2C, For one-third of the world.

Recently, the China Internet Network Information Center released the first in China "C2C" online shopping survey. Survey showed the Chinese C2C shopping websites in fierce competition, to 67.3% while the proportion of Taobao, eBay eBay first defeat in the Chinese C2C online shopping market, "a dominant." eBay eBay with 29.1% share of the second row, pat net 2.2%.

Recently, the online trading community eBay eBay announced in Beijing that "the brand's flagship zone," formally launched, the first batch of 70 well-known brand and presence in the area, which means the past six months to eBay eBay's "brand strategy" has been created Divergent effects, and initially completed its "comprehensive e-commerce sites" the layout.

The same in May, Ma Taobao 3 anniversary celebration threw a "ball" - with B2C transactions model is also formally launched Taobao Mall. Day, Taobao also announced a set called "Good Fortune" ranking system into the network of auction transactions are.

Also in May, Teng Xun's pat Network issued a document to declare: As of May 10, patted network logon user number more than 15 million, the total number of online products more than 300 million mark in one fell swoop, a pat on the upcoming patented , a new free search ranking system recommended by bit and become the largest full free C2C platform.

Thus, the battle was a few years of eBay and Taobao, eBay official swing-up ring B2C e-commerce, brand, customers and channels "Running" explosive. With a pat on the high-profile entry, e-commerce has entered the Three Kingdoms?

Internet users should not trust the figures?

Either eBay or Taobao, or pat, which C2C market, the Big Three, "beating the drums" of capital are a bunch of "digital", and these figures for Internet users, is it really worth?

Taobao announced to enter the B2C market, time is May 10, 2006, eBay announced eBay official time on May 15. The industry's "first" shift from the C2C B2C, it seems to pick up a great deal Taobao.

Wu Shixiong eBay eBay China CEO, said this publicly, eBay eBay early last year on the development of the brand development strategy, also organized a special department to develop marketing and brand manufacturers, agents and distributors of cooperation. EBay Yongle Home Appliances settled by the end of March, out of the first flagship store, and soon consumer electronics, home and fashion brand flagship store three categories have on the line.

CCW Research analyst told reporters: "For the manufacturer, which platform is more suitable for shop, should depend on the number of users of this platform, trading volume and reputation factors; for Internet users, the website to which, depending on in shopping habits and varieties of goods, quantity, price and other factors. speculation time for merchants and users have no practical significance. "

In addition to "first come first served" argument, CNNIC recently released "2006 China C2C online shopping survey" also nearly caused a war of words. According to the number of shopping and shopping frequency calculation for 2005 China C2C shopping site in the user market share in the three cities shows that Taobao is 67.3%, eBay eBay is 29.1%, pat net 2.2% 1.4% network a shot . This report, Taobao obviously quite unashamedly; eBay eBay is even more believe their investigation; pat to see that "the domestic Internet users actually use C2C transactions less than 20%" of its potential.

"At present the domestic e-commerce is at an early stage of development. Bay eBay has occupied the largest market share, but because Taobao free, low commodity prices and other reasons, some users from eBay eBay moved to Taobao. That is, C2C field of upstart competitors can try to put the user into their own, be the first. "engage in business investment in the Internet, a veteran told reporters, C2C market users are highly mobile and very low switching costs, so Internet users on the shop's costs, product price, payment process is sensitive to even the third party's market share survey data, reference value is not great.

Web site to not charge?

Internet coverage of the world, Internet users never believe that "reasonable fees", so a more detailed e-commerce or to the C2C market, "charges" absolutely shop service platform for Web sites and Internet users should not be overlooked as a major problem.

The reason why people like Taobao, in fact, three years ago, word of mouth and free policy are inseparable. As the international e-commerce giant eBay eBay adhere to the "Free is not a business model," E-commerce in China is still in the training of the "Arrested Development", to create a living space Taobao. It has been such a laugh: "King to the Board, thieves dispersed. Even warriors, not Tulong Dao, also had not the itinerant." Taobao these three years, but by providing services free of charge on the lakes reputation overnight.

eBay eBay then this adjustment, the three main fees (shop shop fees, transaction costs and transaction log commodity commission) all at once eliminates the two. As Ma said, "Good Fortune" charging system introduced, Taobao is still standing on one foot free big boat and one foot boat has been upgraded to charges.

Taobao bulletin board in the BBS on the part of the shop's business has also expressed doubts. "I Taobao small store, was operating only in his spare time, PPC, then I am sure no time to take care of, had to find another free platform to shop." Commentators have also pointed out that the abandoned Taobao may not only pure The "free", as well as pure "C2C". Therefore, Taobao, eBay B2C ring open another occasion, a pat on the C2C has begun to describe a new blueprint for free.

Some analysts have pointed out that domestic C2C and Email, BBS may only be counted as an additional service platform, simply can not pay, profit-making points hidden in the B2C market. Teng Xun from the QQ free to develop value-added business and accumulated a lot of experience. Teng Xun e-commerce company in Guangzhou relevant head of department, said: "The main duties of operators at this stage should be through continuous innovation and lower the threshold, popular e-commerce in China, training the user's C2C trade practices. At home, small and medium users occupy the main part of the C2C business, and charge prematurely, invisible in the enhanced e-commerce barriers to entry, is not conducive to long-term development of China C2C industry. "

Next mode?

Although e-commerce penetration in China is less than Europe and the United States, but the segment has also created a fixed pattern and hegemony. EBay and Taobao have recently involved in B2C, caused a sensation because the industry, on the one hand is the struggle of two rival erection waves; the other hand, C2C and B2C e-commerce model pattern and may also change dramatically.

B2B pattern of stable, well-known that Alibaba; C2C Although the change in rapidly, but eBay and Taobao's absolute monopoly on the short term no one to shake; B2C of the dead, but the delay in the birth of the Martial. Dangdang monopoly books, excellent precision attack video, 800BUY sell gifts, are a party hegemony.

Internationally, the Amazon is almost monopolized the B2C, B2C platforms so domestic imitation Amazon model. But Ma hopes to play the role of insurgents. He said: "Even if the United States have such good distribution and logistics infrastructure, Amazon has only 5% of the profits. In China, B2C market is very mature, but excellent, Dangdang still live very hard, it shows a problem with this model . "

Ma's name to "critical," said Public Relations Excellence is not convenient for competitors over the Amazon published the comments. CEO Wang Hanhua mildly superior to the reporter that when the dust settles after the point of view to the public from the excellent interpretation of the domestic B2C market situation and B2C models of the problem.

Ma also said Taobao create a new B2C model close to the "Amazon + Dell" in the composite model. B2C model different from previous international and domestic network of sales companies to earn more profit model into the shipping price difference, businesses and consumers can not get maximum benefit. Some netizens have still generated a lot of consideration: "let the Chinese people have not seen, touched on the money or goods in kind, there are still many difficulties. In addition, the online payment is a bottleneck, security and convenience are made people headaches. "

Interview, eBay eBay has denied the outside world on the "C2C market was becoming saturated into the B2C" speculation, the relevant person in charge told reporters: "The Chinese e-commerce market is still in its infancy, the 110 million Internet users, have tried online transactions only 2 percent, many users still lingering in e-commerce market. in the market activity is not high, only bring more users, especially to attract mainstream consumers in e-commerce business model army , is currently the best business model. "

In the interview, reporters found that Taobao, eBay, patted all agree, all kinds of e-commerce business state boundaries have become blurred, including B2C and C2C models, including the integration and complementarity of e-commerce industry has become inevitable. But the platforms are still significant differences, Taobao tend to "free + Lucky"; eBay are revealed in C2C, B2C, B2B platform to develop all-round electric business operations; pat started late, so "free" and focus on the development of C2C.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Epson ink cartridge patent new alternative to the situation of domestic supplies of unknown

Recently, State Intellectual Property Office issue paper No. 8296, announced previously authorized Epson ZL95117800.8 (referred to as 117,800 patent) is invalid in all of 62 patents, this information so that the investigation is working to meet the domestic United States 337 is compatible supplies manufacturers were overjoyed.

Yesterday, Epson relevant person in charge on the "62 ink cartridge patent" invalid regarding the "First Financial Daily" response, said Epson's 17,800 patents describe the error due to their own patent applications have been replaced by a new, and this Old patent is not valid, in fact, does not affect the Epson to continue to exercise the franchise in China.

It is understood that Epson has been at the April 28, 2006 the State Intellectual Property Office received notice of the patent license (Patent No. 02147345.5), Epson is under the "Authorization Notice" handle patent registration.

According to Epson official said, why do the Chinese again, "divisional application" because the October 16, 2002, Epson found that because the Chinese translation of improper file a "typing error (typemis)" make relevant statements were inaccurate. Immediately, the Epson immediately relevant patents for "divisional application", application number is "02147345.5."

It is understood that, "divisional application" is to re-describe the patents, with more accurate words, the details of re-applied again, but the basic point is still the original 62, and the original application is no different.

April 18, 2004, Gong Bin, secretary general of supplies good as the person requesting invalidation, the State Intellectual Property Office patent review board of the 117,800 patent invalidation. June 1, the State Intellectual Property Office announced that all 117 800 patents invalid. June 15, Gong Bin Liang received the State Intellectual Property Office issued a "written decision."

The Epson's new patent, Gong Bin Liang said just yesterday that he is Epson's new patent, it is unclear circumstances, not a good judge. Gong Bin Liang also said that when in 2004 his patent invalid for Epson 117 800, Epson has not disclosed to the public the so-called new patents.

"As a well-known industry experts, Mr. Gong Binliang should know the principles of the two applications do not distinguish between the so-called '62 patent was canceled, China and the world can be free to use other companies' is impossible." Industry source said.

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