Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dealers also need to plan

Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Mr. Zhao, according to their grasp of the market analysis, a few years ago at a winery in Dehui own registration of "Xin Dehui" brand and buy their own brand sales, and now have one myself company, has nearly 20 employees. In the operation of the process, because of market operations are also appropriate to make a handsome profit. With the lapse of time, especially in 2006, although sales have been improving, but found that their profits have not been repaid to the contrary, there was a certain degree of deterioration. To seek a breakthrough in business, he made a special trip from the northeast arrived in Zhengzhou, hoping to get some help. Confusion because of similar such as Zhao Zhanwei dealer also, so it will be his special case of sorting out.
Zhao Zhanwei: I take a direct operation of the city of Harbin, to business people to take the way of street sweeping operations at the retail end, the other cities and counties in Heilongjiang have adopted the use of distributors to operate. In Harbin city, I found my terminal in operation, the input increases, the profit is decreasing, while also continue to appear cheap imitation brand harassment.

Mao Xiaomin: First of all, should be affirmed, in an unknown brand in the early operation of the market, to start from the terminal and operating practices of this idea is correct, this is your light a bottle of wine products to the second one is more of Harbin very important reason. However, the drawbacks of the direct operation of the terminal is too costly, with the market you need to operate a certain way on the adjustment. That is, the market for about urban classification, separation of mature and strong areas / new market / semi-Zone, the area has been strong in the mature market should be gradually handed over to distributors or second issue of business to operate, to give them a suitable spread so that they take the profits of which the regional delivery and services in these areas to reduce your cost of service delivery and, of course, these distributors or batches of the service do not you direct the operation of effective, but more importantly is that you can focus on what human and material resources to develop new markets in semi-developed and to seek new sales and profit growth. For those who imitate the brand of harassment, first of all to be sure that the market economy who could not to destroy the competition, competition is the norm. For those who are fake and has affected the nature of your business's products can be resolved through legal means, but for other brands as long as you do better than they had little Haojiu Xing. But do not cut prices do not take direct way to deal with them, unless you want a particular product as a victim of models, ready to die with competitive products. Necessary, you can post a portion of profits to costs is the best way to combat them.

Zhao Zhanwei: My other cities and counties in Heilongjiang are also problems with the operation, as a new brand intervene in the market difficult, many distributors are generally reluctant to accept the goods early, I let my business personnel to the customer after the first continue to use their vehicles with cash are the distribution method for the first distribution in place because our product quality, price right, so do not pre-Distribution Issues, and these distributors a look at our products, so they began to purchase . Through this way for some time, I have all the cities and counties in Heilongjiang have established distributors, but the salesman left, the distributors took not very buy goods in the warehouse a result, many distributors have lost market , and many distributors sales did not meet my expectations.

Mao Xiaomin: From your customer's methods and techniques developed up to no problem, but in the overall planning is a problem that is guilty of a "bear breaking stick" type of error. For distributors, he got your product and brand as they are not his, so he can not like you to actively promote your product and you market early in his shop just a few goods, the future of this brand What happens in the end his heart and not a few, you only let them see the hope of your brand management and considerable profit situation, the only positive to promote and sell your product. Then the best way is to develop a distributor if, after you focus your human and material resources to help these distributors continuing Distribution Issues and replenishment until the market began to second and third from your distributors start to delivery, will motivate them up. And then concentrated to develop the next distributor market. Development of the market not only on quantity and quality must be.

Zhao Zhanwei: I pay my business plan to staff is not basic salary, commission taken by the way, and standards are the same. The income of my business officers in Harbin is also considered not low, and they basically can get 1500 per month --- 2,000 yuan. Pay my program and team management how do you see?

Mao Xiaomin: strictly speaking, the program depends on your salary in your business what kind of a state and your next step to integrate the planning assessment. For those who have matured and are fast on the amount of the regional market in terms of operational personnel, they certainly like to use your current salary package because they know that their income is guaranteed, even not take much effort you can get a good income. But its drawback is obvious. 1. If you have a mature market and is rapidly on the amount of the market, you have to take this program, not only did not the economy (because these markets do not need so many people have had), but also allow them to produce slack thinking; 2. Not conducive to the development of new markets, because there is no floor who do not want to develop new markets, then the program will restrict your new market development. So I suggest that you can categorize your market, after setting the identification of two salary options. For those who have matured and are fast on the amount of the market, you can extend your current salary package and reduce the size and the appropriate evaluation to increase their sales and special assessment; for those who need to develop new markets and increase the operational staff go to these markets A basic salary, then doing commission, but the target volume to be adjusted according to market conditions. This advantage is you can only use the amount to keep those good at the business market, personnel assigned to the mature market and is the amount of the market, to market those who are good at business development officer assigned to new markets. Another commission for the product, not a royalty percentage of all products, low profits for those who are mature products that can be set only to maintain lower commission when the ratio of profit for those high and new products can increase the commission set up when the ratio, to produce a species of the correct direction.

Team management on the business, of course, first to design a good program of their salary, which is both you or your staff this is big business. Second, we must establish rules and regulations and strictly enforced, your addition should strengthen internal management and reduce vulnerability.

Zhao Zhanwei: I sell the products retail 3.5 yuan / bottle of light bottle, with the increased competition. Cost inputs to increase, while unit profits are declining. Faced with this situation, how do I reverse it?

Mao Xiaomin: First of all sold products from your point of view, retail and 3.5 yuan / bottle of the product clearly can not give you higher profit margins, which requires you to product structure or product variety up and down some work. Products go through the public cost-sharing, by the product structure more feasible way to make a profit, you can market in the 5 yuan / bottle, 8 yuan / bottle, 10 yuan / bottle, 15 yuan / bottle, 20 yuan / bottle price Bring a phased introduction of some relatively high-margin products, after all, speaking to you, you already have some of the networks, and the market has matured, but also a business team, you can still use this advantage to go to these Chanpin done. But you do not do things that do not match the resources, such as development of high-priced products.鍙﹀濡傛灉浣犵殑璧勬簮鏀寔锛屽彲浠ヨ?铏戝湪澧炲姞涓?釜鍏朵粬浼佷笟鐨勭櫧閰掑搧鐗岋紝涓?埇鏉ヨ锛屼紒涓氬湪杩愬仛鏂板競鍦烘椂锛屼細鎶曞叆鐩稿簲鐨勬斂绛栨敮鎸侊紝杩欏彲浠ュ湪涓?畾绋嬪害涓婅捣鍒板帇缂╀綘鐨勮垂鐢紝澧炲姞涓?釜鍩瑰吇鎴愯禋閽卞搧鐗岋紝浠庤?闄嶄綆椋庨櫓銆?br />
Second, strengthen internal management, by managing to make up the management of the loopholes, reduce costs, improve the overall level of profitability.


Zhao Zhanwei: I have developed an innovative wine barrels of 40 degrees, but other companies have also developed a wine barrel, although the standard 40 degrees, but in fact only 32 degrees, because they cut corners, it cost me less than, less than a dollar a barrel, more than I am. Because of their price advantage than I have, so I drag in the promotion process is relatively large. If I have a price with them, I can not make any money. Then how can I do?

銆??姣涘皬姘戯細鏈変袱浠朵簨浣犱笉鑳藉仛锛屼竴鏄嚜宸变篃鍋峰伐鍑忔枡闄嶄綆璐ㄩ噺涓庝粬浠珵浜夛紱浜屾槸闄嶄綆浠锋牸涓庝粬浠珵浜夈?杩欎袱鏉¤矾璧伴偅涓?潯閮戒細鎶婁綘鐨勮繖娆句骇鍝侀?鍏ュ潫澧撱? If a certain period in the previous occupation of product quality is the product of absolute market conditions, it is the product quality is enterprise products now dominate the market the necessary conditions. Deceive the consumer is the ultimate result can only be abandoned by consumers, so despite the promotional efforts of resistance, must adhere to. As long as consumers drink your wine and drink wine out of different race, then the future occupation of the market is your wine.浣嗘槸浣犲彲浠ュ湪涓?畾鏃舵湡鎺ㄥ嚭涓?畾鐨勪績閿?椿鍔ㄤ篃鍖栬В鐢变簬浣犵殑浠锋牸姣旂珵鍝侀珮鎵?甫鏉ョ殑闃诲姏銆?br />
銆??璧靛崰浼燂細濡備綍瀹炵幇瑙勮寖鍖栫殑绠$悊锛?br />




銆??寤虹珛瑙勭珷鍒跺害銆傚埗搴﹀缓绔嬭捣鏉ュ悗瑕佹寜鐓у埗搴︽潵鍋氫簨锛岃皝鐮村潖鍒跺害鍒跺害灏卞缃氳皝锛屽嵆渚挎槸鑰佹澘鐨勫灞炲拰浜叉垰涔熶笉渚嬪銆?br />

銆??璧靛崰浼燂細閭d箞璇ュ浣曟彁鍗囩粡娴庢晥鐩婂憿锛?br />



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