Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Epson ink cartridge patent new alternative to the situation of domestic supplies of unknown

Recently, State Intellectual Property Office issue paper No. 8296, announced previously authorized Epson ZL95117800.8 (referred to as 117,800 patent) is invalid in all of 62 patents, this information so that the investigation is working to meet the domestic United States 337 is compatible supplies manufacturers were overjoyed.

Yesterday, Epson relevant person in charge on the "62 ink cartridge patent" invalid regarding the "First Financial Daily" response, said Epson's 17,800 patents describe the error due to their own patent applications have been replaced by a new, and this Old patent is not valid, in fact, does not affect the Epson to continue to exercise the franchise in China.

It is understood that Epson has been at the April 28, 2006 the State Intellectual Property Office received notice of the patent license (Patent No. 02147345.5), Epson is under the "Authorization Notice" handle patent registration.

According to Epson official said, why do the Chinese again, "divisional application" because the October 16, 2002, Epson found that because the Chinese translation of improper file a "typing error (typemis)" make relevant statements were inaccurate. Immediately, the Epson immediately relevant patents for "divisional application", application number is "02147345.5."

It is understood that, "divisional application" is to re-describe the patents, with more accurate words, the details of re-applied again, but the basic point is still the original 62, and the original application is no different.

April 18, 2004, Gong Bin, secretary general of supplies good as the person requesting invalidation, the State Intellectual Property Office patent review board of the 117,800 patent invalidation. June 1, the State Intellectual Property Office announced that all 117 800 patents invalid. June 15, Gong Bin Liang received the State Intellectual Property Office issued a "written decision."

The Epson's new patent, Gong Bin Liang said just yesterday that he is Epson's new patent, it is unclear circumstances, not a good judge. Gong Bin Liang also said that when in 2004 his patent invalid for Epson 117 800, Epson has not disclosed to the public the so-called new patents.

"As a well-known industry experts, Mr. Gong Binliang should know the principles of the two applications do not distinguish between the so-called '62 patent was canceled, China and the world can be free to use other companies' is impossible." Industry source said.

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